Join the Woody's Children Chorus

Please post a video response of you singing along with the chorus! We will mix it down to a big old chorus. Let's see how many voices we can get!

( Response video opens in new window. You can record directly from your computer. First click upload, then there is an option to record via your webcam. )

The Singers And Players

Aztec Two-Step
Buskin & Batteau
Tom Chapin
Jon Cobert
Catie Curtis
Jeff Daniels
Guy Davis
Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer
Christine Lavin
Michael Mark
Doug Mishkin
Tom Paxton
Peter Yarrow

Pete Seeger, from 2006 interview by Tim Robbins, used by permission of Pacifica Radio

Song written by Doug Mishkin

Audio recorded at Cobert Operations, Chappaqua, NY
Audio produced by Tom Chapin, Jon Cobert and Doug Mishkin
Audio engineered and mixed by Jon Cobert
with additional engineering by Cathy Fink, Brian Bauers, Neale Eckstein and Paul Guzzone
Audio mastered by John Guth

Video editor: Matthew Hassan
Assistance with video: Josh Nelson & Jim Infantino